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Product Name: Oxalyl chloride
Product description: Oxalyl Chloride is one of the two major products of our company, which amounts to over 40% of our company' s total sales. Meanwhile, with the firm support from our customers in Europe, America, as well as in domestic China. we have been steadily gaining more and more market share for this product in the global market over the years, and has become the biggest production base as well as the leading supplier for this product in the market. Because of this, our "Oxalyl Chloride" production has been listed as one of the "Torch Program" projects by Jiangsu Province, and has also been recognized as a High-Tech Product by the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province .Our production technology of Oxalyl chloride has been awarded with a third grade prize for Science and Technology Development by Nantong Municipal Government.
CAS No.: 79-37-8
UN No.: 2927
Physicochemical property: Colorless or yellowish fuming liquid.
Melting point: -12°C.
Boiling point:63-64°C.
White smoke may appear when exposed to damp air and may react violently with water or alcohol.
Quality specifications: Appearance: Colorless or yellowish liquid.
Content: ≥99.0%(GC)
Pcl3:: ≤0.5% POcl3: ≤0.5%
Application: Used pharmaceutically as raw materials for the synthesis of anti-biotics, and for the synthesis of highly potent herbicides in pesticide industry. It is also used as materials for the synthesis of chlorinated organic compounds.
Structural formula: Chemistries we are Well Experienced With
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